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Cognac Philbert VSOP 800x800

Cognac Philbert VSOP40,00 TTC

CLASSICS - A traditional range of Cognacs reinvented by the Philbert Brothers. The batches of Cognac that we produce are unique, the bottles are numbered, and in this way we stand out from the usual traditional Cognac. Cognac Philbert provides a different experience with a varia-tion on our original repertoire.

Vintage: Blend of Cognacs from Grande Cham-pagne and Petite Champagne, grown on our estate.

Colour: Dark copper.

Nose: Very elegant aromas of ripe fruit and orange mingled with woodiness – vanilla-flavoured and toasted to give a complex bouquet.

Palate: At first delicate and gentle in the mouth, but this gives way to aromas of ripe citrus and spices. The woo-dy notes at the end testify to the cellar master’s hard work and give this Cognac all the prestige it deserves.
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